Out of control spending


Wake Up or Die Poor

We're all running a business.


Wake Up or Die Poor

We're all running a business.

Who's managing yours?

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The Backstory

These photos depict exactly how I felt 15 years ago... a desperate time when everything we "owned" was actually on "loan".

We owned parts of our cars (financed), parts of our basement carpet (store credit), parts of my engagement ring (line of credit). We were mired in debt and our mortgage was worth more than our home. Something had to be done.

I took everything I learned in my professional life about financial management, process control and performance metrics, and applied it to my new "get the Quinn's out of debt" project. Quinn-CO was born and I became the CFO.

Inside of ten years, we carved our way out. In addition to obliterating all our consumer debt, we paid off our mortgage. It was all accomplished on a fairly average salary and with a spouse whose spending profile fit that of the Abysmal Black Hole.

Our personal finance book explains the 10 rules we used to get there and our household budgeting software was developed so that everyone could easily implement the most important one: track your spending. Regardless of how much money you earn, your hard earned salary needs proper management. Become the CFO of Your-CO today and get ready!.

Christina Quinn, author of
"Wake Up or Die Poor"