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The Vision

Deliver a new awareness of spending, saving and revenue management to all Canadians.

The Mission

The Quinn-CO Method was developed to provide everyone with an approach to household financial management using an effective business model. Every individual collecting a pay cheque has an opportunity to manage this revenue like a knowledgeable CFO and we will deliver this knowledge through financial literacy, practical analysis and simple tools.

Educating our workforce

Corporate lunch and learn programs are available for companies to sponsor employees for a quick-start to the Quinn-CO Method. Contact us for more information.

Educating our teens

We are working with the Ministry of Education to develop relevant supplementary content for the Ontario Secondary School curriculum to ensure our young people leave high school with the necessary life skills required for basic revenue management.

Creating an on-line community of support

Our CFO Community provides information, resources, peer support and mentoring. We know that a team approach is the best approach to managing Your-CO.

Giving a little back

A percentage of proceeds will be donated to The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Regular presentations to Peel and Halton region’s women’s shelters are in the works.

The Author

Every household needs an effective CFO to function profitably and Christina Quinn, the family CFO of Quinn-CO, has packaged twenty years of process, performance measurement and successful financial management into "Wake Up or Die Poor - We’re all running a business. Who’s managing yours?".

With over 15 years of management experience in Canadian industry spanning Banking, Government, Heavy Construction, Telecommunications and IT Outsourcing, Christina understands how business functions. She has spent her career building effective functional processes and driving waste out of organizations.

Christina has effectively managed tens of millions of dollars in operational budgets that demonstrated savings year over year; all the while using similar techniques, focus and vigour to look after and manage her own family. She has spent her career dedicated to helping corporate clients achieve performance excellence in all areas of infrastructure, process and budget management. Now she is shifting her focus to your family...Your-CO.